Professions guide

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Presentation: describing professions in order to achieve common understanding of job descriptions

Setting standards to engender a common vision

The objectives of this guide are to recognise the true value of these professions, organise co-activity and prepare for the future. The guide allows for collective agreement at sector level on the fixed characteristics of each profession that remain unchanged regardless of context, as well as on changes to the working environment requiring regular updating and adjusting.


Aids intended for use by the sector

All these job descriptions have been realised by the CPNEF-SV in the framework of the National Prospective Observatory of Occupations, Qualifications and Skills.

They are aids intended for use by the sector; they can be used to describe a particular type of work, and how it is organised, by establishing a general platform that can subsequently be modified according to realities in the field and user needs: employers, professionals, young people, trade unions, social institutions, resource centres, training providers, advisory bodies...

Many uses

  • Career guidance
  • Professionalisation and training
  • Human resources
  • Prospective study


  • Field investigation (observation of professionals in work situation and interviews).
  • Documentary research (exploitation of classifications, collective agreements, jobs description, organisation charts, studies and reports, auditing...)
  • Formalisation (writing a first version)
  • Validation (finalisation of the documents by a steering committee composed of representatives of employer and employee bodies, practising professionnals, ex-officio persons)



Skills handbook of the performing artists



Technical Director

Stage Manager

Technical Stage Manager



Administrative staffs


  • Executive Director
  • Administrator
  • Administrative and Financial Director
  • General Secretary

Production - Touring

  • Production Director
  • Production Administrator
  • Production Manager
  • Tour Booker
  • Tour Administrator
  • Artistic Programmer